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Get A Business Loan In Three Easy Steps




R 50 000 to R 1500 000 in 3 Days or Less

Do You Qualify for a Loan?

To qualify you need to own and operate your business for at least one year and have a minimum turnover of R 1 000 000 per year.

Advantages of a Business Cash Advance

  • No hidden costs
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Funds in your account within 3 days after receiving documentation
  • Fast and simple process
  • Easy repayments
  • Minimal documents required

Your Business Cash Advance Can Be Used For

  • Purchasing of stock
  • Managing cash flow
  • Remodeling and renovating
  • Purchasing of equipment
  • Financing a new project
  • Expanding your business
  • Buying a bigger share in the business

Securing a Business Loan is as easy as…

1. Applying
Our application form is quick and easy to complete and as soon as we have it, we get in touch to discuss your options

2. Submitting documents
Supporting documents help us verify that you’re eligible for a Business Loan and enable us to confirm the facility amount. A consultant will contact you to confirm which documentation we require.

3. Getting your loan
On approval, and after signing your contract and debit order forms, your funds will be transferred into your nominated account – often within as little as three days of applying.

, Business Loans

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What Makes Us Different

  • High approval rate
  • Fast, simple process
  • Access funds in three days or less
  • Works with your business cash flow
  • No complicated paperwork
  • No application fees
  • Once off interest charge
  • No hidden costs


If we’re unsuccessful with your loan application, there’s no charge. If we’re successful, there’s a once-off, upfront fee with no hidden costs. All fees will be disclosed upfront and prior to entering into any contract.


We charge a simple once-off finance fee, which will be explained to you by a consultant upfront and prior to entering into any facility agreement.


Additional fees may be imposed for non-payment, depending on the policy of the individual lender. These will be disclosed upfront and ahead of you entering into any facility agreement.


Please contact us if you would like to renew or refinance your loan as this is not an automatic process. Most lenders will only consider renewing or refinancing your loan subject to your meeting their lending criteria and responsible lending obligations. Fees may be imposed. These will be disclosed upfront. Non-payment may affect your credit rating, which may in turn affect your ability to borrow in the future.


There’s nothing traditional about our Business Loans. This innovative product offers you a cash advance based on the strength and consistency of your business and your average monthly sales.

Boost your business potential

As a business owner, you know that your greatest asset is your future sales. A Business Loan allows you to secure working capital for your business, so that you can tap into this asset.

Please note:

While we welcome all applications, we will not consider open bankruptcies, foreclosures or collection accounts. *We do consider higher risk applications, but in some cases security may be required. We do not offer personal loans. As all businesses are different, please feel free to call us obligation free to discuss your loan requirements.


What is the repayment period for the Business Loan?
Loans are repayable over a standard period of 26 weeks, with the outstanding loan amount and upfront interest charge repaid in weekly debit order installments.

Can I extend the standard 26-week repayment period for my Business Loan?
Please feel free to contact a consultant directly to discuss a possible adjusted repayment plan to suit your business cash-flow.

Can I apply for a business loan for a start-up business?
Unfortunately, you need a successful trading history of at least one year, as well as a turnover of at least R1 000 000 per year to qualify for a Business Loan.

What will a Business Loan cost me?
We charge you a fixed once-off interest charge of 25% of the capital amount loaned to you. There are no additional charges, unless you default on a weekly installment or you wish to repay the loan over a period longer than 26 weeks.

Can I refinance my Business Loan before I have repaid all my installments?
You may apply to have your Business Loan refinanced when 50% or more of your loan has been repaid. Please contact a consultant to discuss your refinancing options.

Can I repay my Business Loan over a shorter period of time and will I receive a discount on the once-off interest charge?
Please contact a consultant and we will help you with a suitable repayment plan. If the requested repayment period is less than 26 weeks, you will receive a discount on the once-off interest charge.

Does the business information I submit online remain confidential?
Yes, all information submitted online is treated confidentially and will only be used to obtain an application result.

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