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We are Johannesburg based and work by appointment. Therefore, clients from outside Johannesburg must be aware it would be necessary to Johannesburg to conclude contracts etc.

All welcome. Affordability is main criteria.

Personal Loans

Please fax or e mail copy of your ID, latest pay slip, proof of residence and 3 months bank statements (these can be from internet) for us to pre check. Whatever is sent through after 10am is processed on the following day. Allow 24hrs for a response.

After our pre check you receive an sms and/or phone call, giving you details of amount approved, term of loan and monthly installment. Thereafter, we make an appointment to meet, offers last for 3 working days. Please send us your contact numbers when you send your documents.

Vehicle Finance

We have various options available for Clients.

No deposit, no problem let us assist you get mobile and raise deposit for you.

If a client has a deposit, and has a valid drivers license you are approved. Large selection of vehicles to choose from. Need an appointment to meet. Or follow Loans for us to try raise deposit for you.

  • Finance so clients can purchase vehicle of their choice from own dealerships or private sale - cash.
  • Cash, for deposits that are necessary to purchase a vehicle from our dealers that carry their own finance.
  • We can help – You could be in a vehicle of your choice from our selection within 3 hours.
  • With deposit options are available for self employed clients.

For us to pre check, please send ID copy, 3 months bank statements, latest pay slip, proof of residence, contact number and copy of a valid drivers license.

Credit Clear

For assistance with Credit Clearance please send Credit Health report, along with the above documents for a pre check, then we will need an appointment to discuss way forward. You should also be aware that being off the bureau records, does not automatically qualify clients for Credit in the market place. Payment history, affordability and scores also have an impact. We assist clients with loans and Vehicles with bad credit.

Bond clients have to be ITC / Experian clear. An appointment is needed to discuss your circumstances, check affordability and best way forward.

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Vehicle Finance

Unique New Vehicle Finance Product Available to People that are Declined. Fortunately there are lenders in South Africa that will look at your application.

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Credit Clear Your Name From ITC

Being listed on the ITC and having a bad credit report is a familiar experience for many South Africans. But that low credit rating can change.

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Personal Loans

We all need a little bit of extra cash sometimes. Sometimes we need a little extra help to pay for that unforeseen expense

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Debt Consolidation Loans

One of the best features of a debt consolidation loan is that you arrange the monthly payments so they fit your budget.

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Bridging Finance Solutions

When it comes to obtaining working capital there are many choices. Understand what type of small business funding you qualify for.

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We know that every home owner is different and that bonds need to be flexible and adaptable to cater to clients with differing financial situations.

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Business Loans

As a business owner, you know that your greatest asset is your future sales. A Business Loan allows you to secure working capital for your business, so that you can tap into this asset.

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